Radosław Przysiecki

The founder of Akademia Enduro. An avid motorcycle enthusiast with many years of experience. Radek has visited many countries on his bike. From all parts of Europe, to Mongolia, Iceland and Brazil. Lately he is involved in Trail riding and competitions. He holds an endorsement of Certified Instructor from BMW International Instructor Academy for both on and off-road.

Monika Ożóg - Przysiecka

The most beautiful part of our team. Monika is responsible for finances, sales and many other business activities to coordinate, arrange and organize Akademia Enduro events. When she is not busy with her office work you can find her out riding her favorite bike the Jotagas 125 ccm.

Tomek Nowak

Instructor of Akademia Enduro since 2015 until 2015. In this period of time Tomek conducted hundreds of training classes. He was a biker with long standing experience and many kilometers ridden on his bike. In addition, he prepared many people for the driving license exam and always had an endless amount of patience for all of his students. Our dear friend Tomek died in a motorbike accident. Although Tomek is no longer with us we are still inspired by his memory and he will be in our hearts forever.

Rafał Matusiak

Instructor at Akademia Enduro and our staff mechanic as well. Biker and traveler. Rafal has visited many countries on 2 wheels from Romania to the Ukraine, Norway, and many others countries throughout Europe. Rafał worked for many years as a mechanic on BMW and other motorcycle brands. Today has his own workshop Pro-Moto located next to Gliwice where he repairs and renovates various brands of motorcycles.

Dominik Bartelak

Instructor at Akademia Enduro. Dominik has 15 years experience traveling on enduro bikes and enjoys participating in Cross Country Rallys. His motorcycle travels have taken him thru Iceland, Tunis, Morocco, Brazil, Fuerteventura and the Alps. His last trip was to Chile, Argentina and Bolivia following the Dakar rally. Dominik is certified as a Tourguide from the BMW International Tourguide Academy. In additon to leading tour groups, he has a passion for map reading and navigation so arrival at the correct destination is guaranteed.

Paweł Kwiatkowski

Instructor at Akademia Enduro. Pawel has been riding adventure motorcycles since 2002. He has visited Chile, Argentina, Russia and the Balkan States. An orthodox believer the the BMW church. He owns a 10 year old 1200 GSA which has never failed him. With his good sense of humor, Pawel has the ability to infect not only our customers but also our team with fun and laughter.

Mateusz Łaskawiec


Artur Jurczak


Gabryś Marcinów