You are riding off road and your motorcycle is not cooperating with you? We will teach you how to continue your adventure when there is not BMW Motorrad official station near by. Be prepared for unexpected accidents in your motorcycle.

Duration: 2 days, 7 hours each
Place: Czestochowa or Warsaw
The training is held by experienced BMW mechanic.


  • Complex check of your motorbike before the travel:
  • Changing oil and what kind of oil do we have in BMW engines, oil filters and how they are build and work, how to change engine’s oil
  • Checking of the braking system, changing brake pads and what kind of brake pads do we have
  • Checking the engine, gearbox, angular gear,
  • Tire check, tightness of valves, inner tubes, tire pressure
  • Motorcycle suspension system, how to control it, principle of operation, possible malfunctions, adjustment
  • checking the spokes in the wheels
  • Proposition of motorbike’s tools for traveler – AKADEMIA ENDURO KIT
  • What accidents can happen while traveling and how to fix them
  • Leaking Tire either in front or back wheel and how to fix it
  • Installation of the wheel with particular attention to the condition of the bearings, spacers and correct chain tension.
  • Oil leakage from the front suspension and why is it happening
  • Riding on road and off road
  • Fixing the clutch lever, gear change, front and back brake
  • No fuel or diesel in the motorcycle’s tank and how to fix it
  • No engine’s oil, broken cooling engine system or electric installation
  • No power in motorcycle, not working engine, drowning the motorbike

The training is a lecture with the practical exercises. You will have one BMW R 1250 GS motorcycle, BMW R1200 GS LC motorcycle and BMW F850 GS motorcycle.

You will also have an opportunity to touch, fix or break such elements as:

  • 2 x F800 GS engines
  • Engine and gear change from R1200 GS
  • Main gear R1200 GS
  • Brake pads, ABS pump, ESA shock absorber column
  • Comparison of original and accessory air filters, replacement oil filters and the original one
  • Wheels for practice with leaking tires

Price: 1250 PLN (includes practical exercises, coffee, tea, snacks, 2 dinners and a supper)


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