Is the accommodation included ?

Training prices do not include accommodation. Our students frequently choose Hotel Villa Verde in Zawiercie Mrzygłodzka str 273. Contact recepcja@villaverde.pl


How big are the training groups ?

The maximum number of people in training for adults is 8 people, and training for children 4 people. Generally, during one period we have 2 to 4 groups and split them in terms of their experience. Each group performs the same program, but the time spent on each of the exercises or difficulty of the enduro loops may be different, as they are tailored to the skills of the students.


Are my tires good enough ?

We recommend to equip your bike with good enduro tires such as: Michelin Anakee wild, Continental TKC 80, Metzeler Karoo 2 (T) or Karoo3 possibly Heidenau K60. These tire configurations will allow safe travel on asphalt and meet the demands of off-road terrain. Knobby tires are required to participate in off-road trainings.

What is covered by the deposit I must pay to rent a bike ?

The deposit is to cover any damage caused by the fault of the student and your responsibility is limited up to the value of the deposit. We don't deduct from the deposit for scratches or abrasions to the motorcycle only for damage like broken plastic, broken off turn indicator or bent handlebars. The exceptions are  abroad journeys, where the rules of hiring a motorcycle may vary depending on the particular location.

Am I not too young ?

On Enduro journeys and trainings you must be 18 years old  and have a valid driving license for the bike you are going to ride. While on Trial training for children 5-6 years old is a good age to start their off-road adventures.


Can I participate in a training on different bike than BMW ?

Yes. We do not discriminate against anyone participating due to the brand of motorcycle.

What if it rains during the training ?

The training takes place regardless of the weather. Usually, trainees appreciate the mud, rain and diverse weather conditions. They are willing to train in such weather because the science of riding involved in more severe conditions normally pays off in the future.

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