Two days enduro training In order to participate in level 2 training you need to master the off-road riding techniques of the level 1 training. The training is addressed to the people whose hobby is off-road motorcycle riding and would like to explore more difficult terrain as well as to people who are preparing for off-road motorcycle expeditions

Level of difficulty: kaskkaskkask

Duration: 2 days

Program of the training:

  • Revision of the most important exercises from basic training (level 2)
  • Tight turns and negotiating narrow trails through the woods
  • Body balancing and active position on the motorcycle
  • Mounting and dismounting the motorcycle while it is rolling
  • Long up and down slopes
  • Braking while going downhill
  • Riding traverse
  • Riding on gravel
  • Riding in sand
  • Recovery of a buried motorcycle
  • Power slide
  • Using the suspension to overcome obstacles
  • Towing the motorcycle

We provide:

  • Professional BMW instructor,
  • 3 meals + snacks and water

Not included in the offer:

  • Accidental insurance for the participants
  • Fuel and service of private motorcycles
  • Accommodation


1790 PLN brutto (including 23%VAT)



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