Two days enduro training based on Enduro Park Hechlingen methodology. Training takes place in Enduro Park Częstochowa. The training is tailored for riders who are just starting their off-road adventure as well as for experienced off-road riders.

All you need is your valid motorcycle license and be a minimum of 18 years old.

Level of difficulty: kaskkask

Duration: 2 days

Program of the training:

1. Motorcycle familiarization:

  • The build and characteristics of the motorcycle
  • Mounting, dismounting and standing up riding position
  • Use of throttle, clutch and brakes
  • Familiarization ride

2. Program of the training contains:

  • Correct rider position on the motorcycle
  • Safe picking up of the motorcycle
  • Body balance
  • Off-road steering techniques
  • Tight turns
  • Riding across ditches
  • Emergency braking
  • Emergency braking on a hill
  • Traversing hills
  • Techniques for riding on different types of surfaces, basic sand crossings and a few useful tips
  • In a nice atmosphere, an evening of sharing our personal motorcycle stories.

Individual training can be adjusted for each client.

We provide:

  • The option to rent a motorcycle for a training + 795 PLN/day for R1250, F850 including fuel and service
  • Professional BMW instructor,
  • 3 meals + snacks and water

Not included in the offer:

  • Accidental insurance for the participants
  • Fuel and service of private motorcycles
  • Accommodation


1790 PLN brutto (including 23%VAT)

Training on Akademia Enduro motorcycle R1250 GS, F850 GS : 3380 PLN brutto (including 23% VAT)



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